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10-20-2000, 10:06 AM

I've been reading these boards for a while now. I don't understand why everyone is wasting some much time argueing with NeoJorge and NGF.

People who have a problem with what NGF sells should just email Aruze about it. Just send Aruze a link to the NGF site, their ebay action, and send some pics of the KOF2000 they are selling. Once Aruze knows about NGF, I'm sure Aruze would take action (especially if enough people send emails).

The email address for Aruze is info@aruze.com


10-20-2000, 10:28 AM
No offense Ghost, but that approach isn't going to do anything. Aruze/SNK never bothered protecting their rights in the U.S. at all. Emailing them will do nothing, as they don't care about the situation. Their support for the Neo Geo home cart system is almost done anyway.

The correct approach is to get the word out to the community about unethical tactics of "NGF", and to complain to eBay Safe Harbor about auctions of illegal merchandise. That is exactly what we are doing, and it IS having an effect. As for Neo JorBot, he's just a "NGF" lackey who came to the forums to keep the "NGF" name alive.

"NGF -- To be talked about is to be humiliated in the Neo Geo community".

10-20-2000, 10:09 PM
Its really a shame that the parent company of the best home console ever created is so complacent. But, at least there is a hardcore neo community which will do what it can to put down the illegal practices of crooked sellers.