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01-11-2002, 02:17 AM
Ok, to set the record straight just a quick post. I am VC's cheif tech and normally am kept to busy to be aware of the stuff that goes on in sales and the front office, but Kelly asked my to use my laptop to print a personal e-mail she wanted to show the boss. I read the mess and became aware of this board through it's contents. Although no-one knows better than I, what a dick Pete can be at times especially when it comes to matters of money, I have to stand up and set the record straight. Initially he didn't know we had 2 of the units and had no idea of their worth. Even when I found the second unit (a couple of days after the first one had shipped) buried in the warehouse he had zero faith that I could get it working or even that it was complete. So call him what you like, he was not being deceitfull as some have assumed. I will also mention that the second unit which was not as nice as the first, brought considerably more money (again I don't deal with that end of the business and don't recall exactly how much but it was substantially more). Once somebody found out we had one, and word got out (I assume it must have been thru this forum) the calls about it were relentless. If you guys only knew what other stuff we got buried in the warehouse and someday will find the time to dust that stuff off and put on the market!

01-11-2002, 02:24 AM
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