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05-02-2001, 06:45 AM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by nick_th_fury:
Hehe I love it. It was all shit when it was shawn, but now that it you Michael & fran
that makes it ok?
God the bullshit just keeps getting deeper.

what bullshit

what damn bullshit

if you recall,ive always kept a VERY low profile when it comes to NGF

i didnt know about dion till september 2000

when i joined this place

and wanna know something?

i got tired of the whole ngf thing after about 3 days

and that was in september 2000

some people have been discussin and arguing over it for like....YEARS??????????


not me

i hate em

i hate em for what they do

and wanna know something?

i hate em and never in my life i will buy stop off him,
never in my life i will buy a ngf cart,
and never in my life i will sell ngf products

its ironic that shawn,
whos selling ngf stuff in his store,
( and we all know the soap opera behind that ),
its ironic that hes now tellin me i'm dions best buddy



05-02-2001, 08:17 AM
Maybe you should try quoting the whole deal.
Here Lemme help you,
Moderator BryLmoo said:

Hey hey hey, I know I was the one who had "Fuck NGF" as a Signature for a long time...but now I am a mod on this new Forum. And with the new forum comes new members. I have to show Dion the same kind of respect that I show all of the other members on the forum. I am sorry if I have come off as two faced but, I just don't see why everyone keeps bashing NGF for what they did...ITS OVER. They have vanished from this forum and they are moving on. Dion seems to be acting better, and as long as he does, I will be on good terms with him. He just told me that every new release would be made in Japan BY SNK. I can't argue with that...and I'm pretty sure no one else can either. I don't like converting carts...that is the main reason why I used the "Fuck NGF" sig for so long. I had heard alot of bad things about the two that run the outfit called NGF. So if you want to fuck with me because I am not wanting to fight anymore, well then fine...be that way. But at the same time...I will be on a forum of FLAME FREE THREADS, AND I WON'T HAVE TO BE RIDICULED FOR SAYING ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T MEET THE STANDARDS OF ALL OF THE OTHER POSTERS.

Gee whiz, Its gonna be flame free.
Now you may be a nice guy, but how the hell is that gonna happen unless you CENSOR posts.
Or maybe DELETE posts.

Course this discussion was not based on you
loving or hating NGF. I dont give a shit.
It was based on posts that have allready been
deleted.. oops. Theres that word. Oh my.

So yo see, the real bullshit is that you guys
knock this BBS & Shawn & his mods for being fucking Human.
Ya'll are already making the same mistakes.
Ironic eh?
Guess thats because were all just human.
Think on that as yall sit in your little glass house
throwing rocks at Shawn's.

As Ive said before, your a mod of that BBS.
That means you support its actions.
You don't like it, then either buck the hell up.
Or step down. Thats what I did.
I dont agree with lots a stuff here.
I disagree strongly with Shawn on certain things.
So I stepped down as a mod.
Mousemaster & Geddon take heat cause a Shawn decisions. Youll wind up doing the same a lot for youe BBS.
Thats pretty much life in the crappy neo scene.

Got no beef with you Fran. Just dont like seeing a new BBS start off so badly.
Hopefully Michael will get it all straight.
Hell this BBS almost did, but never quite achieved it.
Being a Mod on this BBS is a shit job.
Everyone hates you for it.

Dunno why the heck anyone wanted to have it.
I did cause I was asked. It aint worth it.
Not by a long shot.

05-02-2001, 08:57 AM

what i was tryin to say is,

i am not bryan,nor sam and nor neolord

we're all part of that bbs,
cos we're mods

but we're different from each other


so just because we all "come" from there,
you just cant put us all in the same sentence

i'm a mod

and wanna know something?

i was the first to see that post of Dion

and i was talkin on icq to




so i wrote to dsd and neo:
hey guys,
look what ive just found,

what do we do now?

should we leave it or delete it?

thats all

we talked

and we decided to leave it there

i dont believe in censorship

then its clear to me someone must have sent dion there to cause trouble


and we reacted the right way

i'm sure


he was on icq....right?

and i went

hey shawn our friend dion is postin there now...LOL

to me,
its all a laugh

its not death or life stuff

you're all takin it far too seriously

thats all

its just only videogames

and while we're at it,
we also discuss about em ( not much ),
and we also discuss about the rest of the stuff that happens ( more )

thats it

no big deal

pheraps its cos i'm not american and i just cant take dion seriously

thats why i dont spend 80 % of my time online discussin about him...


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05-02-2001, 10:28 AM
I know that Fran.
You see, maybe my sentance wasnt writtin quite right.

It was only in direct response to what BryLmoo said.

To me thats BS. That is the heart of the matter.
Know one can just say anything.
Cast any stone without rebuttal.

I was trying to tell him,
That just cause its you guys,
does not allow "him" to say anything.
Cause if it does, your members will
leave faster than you can muzzle free speech.

05-02-2001, 10:48 AM
fair enough....

cos yeah,i'm calm now

when i'm calm,
i can laugh about pretty much everything

we'll see.....

dions account has been deleted so its all over now anyway

say....i like your kyo avatar and all...

but you're the only one in here who likes roomi...

well i happen to like roomi a LOT,
so why dont you use her?

just a suggestion

laters nick