View Full Version : Cali N-G.com gathering in development/my CHAOS opinion

07-12-2003, 09:01 PM
hey everybody, after getting home after the winnetka CHAOS test, i talked to "ka-chan" bout having a N-G.com gathering next sunday (july 20th) which is coinencidently enough my birthday ^__^...problem is...for this gathering, i can only bring like 5 ppl, and they all have to be ppl i met at the CHAOS test...(DOH!)
well then, i only got one thing to say..."who's coming with me" ^___^
sorry to everybody else...i apoligize to anybody who wanted to come but i didnt meet or i met but cant get to come (cuz of the 5 ppl thing), there will be a next time, i promise ^__-


all i have to say about SVC:CHAOS is that its better IMHO than CVS2 and ryu, shiki, mr karate, iori, and guile friggin pwned this game ^__^