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06-01-2001, 12:40 AM
OK all I just got 25 of these things in the mail today and let me say they are just fantastic. Much bigger, and much better then I even anticipated. I had only one problem with the cases. I pulled the first case out of the box and slapped my Super Dodge Ball cart into it! What the... man it was tight, so tight I could not get the cart back out... well, some pulling and tugging later (and a nice loud pop as the cart finally freed itself) I thought to myself... how the hell am I going to do this. Well, it seems some carts are just bigger then others cause a KOF 99 cart slid in like a glove and had no problem at all. Actually 23 carts slid in the same, no problem with the cases. I finally got the SDB cart into one of the cases, it was picky, but it finally took <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">These are top notch, professionally made cases here, I love them. I have ordered 25 more and I can't wait to get them... Thanks Big Bear for a truly wonderful product.


PS if anyone else has trouble with a tight case I found that rocking the cart slowly at the thub cut out would finally release the cart. It takes a few minutes, but it will come out without damaging the case (I did not want to destroy one of my new babies!) Only my SDB cart had this problem, I am guessing the cart is slightly bigger then normal.

06-01-2001, 12:49 AM
I'll say it again. Thanks for the cases Big Bear. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

I ran into the same problem with carts not coming out easily. I'm not sure about your SDB cart, however mine were do to warranty stickers on the sides of the cart.

nruva- I hope that you will share with us pictures of your collection sometime soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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Caris Nautilus
06-01-2001, 01:01 AM
I'm waiting for the black cases, then I'll make a sizable order, I just don't like the red <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

06-01-2001, 09:56 AM
I bought a bunch of these cases from Big Bear too, and they're awesome. I took pics of some MVS games in them, like Strikers 1945 Plus, KOF 99, Samurai Shodown, and others, and the games look fantastic (using the two MVS move sheets slipped into the front and back of the cases). I'll post the pics soon . . . but for anyone who wants MVS cases, these are the way to go!! THANKS BIG BEAR!!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/glee.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/glee.gif" border="0">

06-01-2001, 10:10 AM
I anxiously await my order of 45 "imperfect cases". At the prices BB was offering, I couldn't pass em up...even if they are slightly dinged.


06-02-2001, 10:32 AM
Yeah, I ordered 6 mvs cases, then 85 imperfect ones, cant wait to see these.Nick (NRUVA) mate how you doing,we did the deal for the kof 99 poster remember.

06-02-2001, 11:39 AM
Just got my order of imperfect cases in...these are in wonderful condition for being the bad ones in the group. In fact, some of them look like there is nothing wrong.

Kudos to Big Bear and kudos to a great idea..these cases are great!

06-02-2001, 12:46 PM
Thankyou guys.

If you send me the INSERT or QUALITY SCAN IT and convert to EPS I WANT THEM.

Here is what I will give you in return.
MVS Carts:
POWER SPIKES II english label
BASEBALL STARS 2 made up english label
WORLD HEROES 2 japanese label
LEAUGE BOWLING japanese label
GANGAN aka Agressor's of Dark Kombat Japanese Label(WHITE Casing)
All of the above are Cartridge ONLY.
I have 2 English Mini Marquee's in Good Condition and they are:
I ALSO have some CHAMPIONSHIP JOYSTICKS for the SNES that can be CONVERTED to use with your Neo Geo BRAND NEW!
I have two Magnavox 13" RGB Monitors
I also have other stuff I am willing to part with and I am searching for a specific piece of SOFTWARE so hit me up on E-MAIL!!
Thankyou-BB <IMG SRC="smilies/tickled.gif" border="0">

06-02-2001, 07:05 PM
Just got mine today, and Big Bear's Big Bitchin' Bowl-You Over Cases are tha shit! Good work BB, and many thanks man. You'll probably be gettin' another order from me <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

Lee (garg7) http://www.neogeotemple.com