View Full Version : Xbox One and DVDO Green issue

11-10-2014, 06:34 PM
Hey Tech experts,

I just bought a Xbox One Console. When I hook it up through my DVDO Green, I get picture and absolutely no sound. I've switched HDMI cords. I've checked the settings in the Xbox. Everything is where its supposed to be...but still no sound. When I hook it up directly to the TV everything is perfect.

The problem is this TV only has 1 HDMI port on it so a switcher is my only choice. Everything else works fine on the switcher (PS4,LG Super Blu, Cable Box, WiiU). I've even used different ports on the switcher...still no luck. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.

P.S. Its hooked to my TV via HDMI not DVI (I know with DVI you can not get sound from the Xbox unless you're using an optical cord.


11-11-2014, 12:45 AM

After dicking around with this off and on all day, I found the solution right when I was going to give up. I bought 2 of these DVDO Green units new in the box. There was a firmware update for the DVDO. After installing the update and a reset of the DVDO, everything is working fine. For the record, there is no USB port on the DVDO. The update must be installed by connecting the DVDO to your desktop or laptop via the service port on the back of the DVDO (I used the USB cable that charges my Dualshock 3). Only takes a couple of minutes.