View Full Version : JP-21 Switch Box

11-07-2014, 10:56 AM
Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but does anyone know a good JP-21 Switch Box? Ideally I hope to convert JP-21 to DB15 Analog RGB, but I assume I will need another box for this. Thanks!

11-07-2014, 11:14 AM
I have a bandridge 5 way manual switch that was modified by Xi Xian to use JP21 instead of euro . He even made a special cable that connects the switch directly to the XRGB-Mini din port. It really awesome and James work is incredible.

11-07-2014, 12:01 PM
The only JP-21 switchbox I know of is the Selecty. It's kinda hard to find.

11-07-2014, 01:57 PM
http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%83%9E%E3%82%A4%E3%82%B3%E3%83%B3%E3%82%BD%E3%8 3%95%E3%83%88-SELECTY21-21%E3%83%94%E3%83%B3%E3%83%BB%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8A%E3 %83%AD%E3%82%B0RGB%E3%82%BB%E3%83%AC%E3%82%AF%E3%8 2%BF%E3%83%BC-%E3%82%BB%E3%83%AC%E3%82%AF%E3%83%86%E3%82%A321/dp/B0051FDMOU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415386609&sr=8-1&keywords=selecty