View Full Version : hehe, another supergun question

01-08-2001, 08:13 PM
i noticed the wavy lines that occur on my screen when i am playing, i heard theres like a knob insoide the SG to adjust the image, but i dont wanna work with that cause i dont wanna mess it up, but my SG has S-VIDEO input onthe back,if i get the svideo wire for my SG, will it eliminate those wavy lines? i traded my home system for the SG for obvious reasons(cheaper game costs), but it doesnt look as good as a home system, can somebody help me on that as well? thanks

btw- u really notice the lines when u see huge letters on the screen, like vs screen, and the color bleeds a little!

01-09-2001, 12:04 AM
If you're connected to your TV by the composite connection (RCA type plug, usually yellow for video), as opposed to s-video, the picture quality will be pretty poor, with the wavy lines you mentioned (sometimes) and pretty substantial color bleed.

Get a TV that has s-video input, the picture is DRASTICALLY better than composite!!! Or, if your TV already has an s-video input, just pick up an s-video cable from Best Buy for about $10, should help a lot!!

01-11-2001, 01:20 AM
thats what i need an svideo for my supergun! i have 2 svideo inputs on my tv, bestbuy?