View Full Version : S-Video how much difference does it make?

12-27-2000, 11:29 PM
Im just getting back into the Neo scene after a long absence. I really had forgot how bad RF picture quality is and Im thinking about getting the S-Video mod. How much of a difference will I see? Also will the other switch mod allow me to see red blood instead of green on games like SS2...Thanks for all your help...Tim(windtek)

12-28-2000, 08:50 AM
I don't want to give you a biased opinion since I do the SVid mods, but there is no way I'll go back to RF or Composite on my Neo... The picture is so much better.

The Debug Bios will allow you to play around with all sorts of game settings, and games that support it, you'll see red blood.


Bad Mofo
12-28-2000, 05:56 PM
Just checking: I have a Jap Neo, and hooked up to my Sony KV21XD (or something) Television through an official RGB cable. Is the picture quality of my setup better,smae or worse than your S-video mod?


01-02-2001, 08:51 AM
RGB should be better than SVideo.