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12-24-2000, 11:17 PM
Hi, I just purchased a Neo Geo cart system and Metal Slug 3 (I love it http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif). However, I have a problem: Whenever I play the game, it randomly crashes (making the appropriate weird sound, etc.) and resets itself. I'm not sure what would cause this, but I would like to get it fixed asap. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


12-24-2000, 11:26 PM
Did you get used system? From Buyrite?

12-24-2000, 11:46 PM
I got a used system, but I bought it while I was in Japan (from a reputable dealer). You believe the system is faulty? :/

12-25-2000, 01:25 AM
To solve any problem of this type, you need to use the process of elimination. That is, rule out possibilities one by one, until what you have left is the real reason.

So, you should try other carts than MS3 on the system, to see if they do the same thing. By other carts I mean older ones, and also newer ones such as KOF99 and KOF2000.

If all the carts you have crash as your MS3 does, then the problem is with your cart system. If no other carts do this, then your MS3 cart is faulty.

However, there is one other possiblity. If your Neo cart system is Japanese, you may be experiencing power problems related to the different voltage that Japanese equipment uses (100V vs. the U.S. standard of 120V). Some people use voltage converters to deal with this problem, and this might be something to look into. Good luck and let us know if you find the cause, and solve the problem!

12-25-2000, 01:33 AM
Well, that's one of the reasons why I posted. You see, as of current, MS3 is the only game I have for the system (I plan on getting more eventually). Therefore, it is hard to tell whether it's the cart or the system. The voltage may be the problem - something I never thought about or considered. Everything works great, but it just crashes and resets randomly, which may support the voltage theory. Thanks for that suggestion.


12-26-2000, 04:38 AM
I recognise the problem. In my case I had to fix an AC error. There was one bad connection in the unit it self. Let somebody who knows little electronics to look over you'r AC area on you'r unit. It also can be that you'r unit needs to be cleaned. That problem can accur when the system itself has not been cleaned lately. I mean that you have to open the system and clean it good. Use high pressure air and so on..