View Full Version : Bootleg neo bomberman mvs cart

12-15-2000, 06:40 AM
Is there a none Bootleg Neo Bomberman MVS cart? Cause places that carry the game are likely to be selling the bootleg version. So is there anything bad about the bootleg version??

(I've seen a open MVS neo bomberman cart, where there are green wires all over one of the two boards)

Need info on this, thanks.

12-15-2000, 02:32 PM
This is the Neo BomberMan board in question. I bought it from MD Game Sales several months ago. I had no idea that it was a coverted cart until yesterday.

12-27-2000, 01:41 AM
Just a thought... how common is it to get bootlegged Neo Geo games? I mean I thought about it a few times... like when they happen to be able to get that real rare copy of Super Dodge Ball or something for you... I have a Waku Waku 7 Cart and a few others I suspect to be bootlegs, but I do not know how to tell. Are these wires the usual clue? Or do some legit MVS carts have these wires? I buy a lot of MVS carts, and I am sure I have been ripped off before, but I was wondering how big this problem really is.


Neo Bomber Man
12-27-2000, 02:31 AM
Here, read this from the 16-bit forum: http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000315.html It should shed some light on potential problems.