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11-29-2000, 03:59 AM
I have what I think is a UK or European (just a guess) AES system (just the console nothing else) Is there any way of finding out what type of power adaptor should be used with the unit. The following details are on the plate underneath the system :

Model No.: NEO-O
Rating 8W
Serial No.: 90A 018299

Hope someone can help


11-29-2000, 07:25 AM
Just use a normal Power Supply at 9 volts or so. Should work fine.


11-29-2000, 07:30 AM
How do you know it's 9V and not 5V like some US systems ?

11-29-2000, 10:37 AM
Hmmm well its just like the Genesis =)


11-29-2000, 10:53 AM
If the 18299 is the serial number, then I would have to guess the 5V adapter.

If you open the Neo, you should be able to tell by the layout (most of the time)...

If the Neo's BIOS is towards the top center of the board, it's a 5V system. However, I have seen a couple systems that had a daughercard (not the same as the daughtercard used for video) but a different one that powers the system from the 9V adapter.

If the Bios is off to the right, just below the cart port, then it requires the 9V adapter.

The bios will have either "NEO-EPO" or "NEO-PO" on it -- just so you know what chip to look for http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif

You can use an old model Sega Genesis power supply if it's the 9V one. If it's the 5V one, you will need to purchase an original SNK one, if you can find it, or I can get you a replacement supply (requires the plug to be changed -- but very easy).


11-29-2000, 11:32 AM
Thanks Jeff

The Bios (NEO-EPO) is indeed towards the top of the machine, so it must require a 5V adaptor.

Thanks for your help

11-29-2000, 12:26 PM
You can get a replacement power supply from www.jameco.com (http://www.jameco.com) -- it's a 5V 3A supply and costs about $20. The problem is, it has the wrong size plug. You can easily get a new end plug though -- Radio Shack should have them. I get a different part from Mouser.com -- it's a better quality plug.

The best bet is to get an SNK supply, but they are hard to find, and when you do find one, the seller typically wants an arm and a leg for it. Anything over $25 to $30 is too much for the supply.