View Full Version : Howto open a MVS cardridge

10-28-2000, 08:26 PM
My cardridge of FATALFURY 3 has lost his sounds, in the beginning after a couple of restarts the sound was back on, but now the
sound is gone.
I think that some contacts (of "wire" ?)is lose.
Does anyone know how to open a MVS cardridge
without dammaging the cassette?

Thanks in Advance,


Master Terry Bogard
10-28-2000, 11:09 PM
?Umm, MVS carts have regular screws, so you you should have no problem removing them. You can try using eraser to clean your contact as well.

10-29-2000, 12:57 AM
Unscrew the 4 screws, pull apart the plastic case. Make note of the orientation of the 2 boards so you do not swap them when they go back in/

Thats it. Much easier to open a MVS cart than a Home cart.

Also, there should not be any wires inside, you probably just need to clean the contacts as suggested above.