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09-25-2000, 08:13 AM
I am very interested in doing my own MVS conversions of unreleased games. Its just silly to pay hundreds of dollars to others, to do simple soldiering work, a little photo shop work, and a trip to kinko's! If anyone has links to informative sites, or would like to help put a site together, to tell the average joe how to make his own conversions please reply! Not everyone will be able to make stickers, or labels or do soldering work, but maybe a few of us can do each part, and enhance our collections, without spending $7200 on a batch of 8 games http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-25-2000, 10:15 AM
Good idea. I and some other great people have been working toward this for awhile now. We make inserts, cart stickers, and manuals for neogeo games. Feel free to check them out on my website here:
http://grador.radix.net/%7Ekws/trey/nickslink.gif (http://nickthfury.cjb.net/)
Any info on the actual conversion work of the carts that you may run across feel free to send it my way.

09-25-2000, 06:13 PM
Thanks for the prompt reply! I had seen your site already and had tried playing with some of your templates in photoshop. Where can I get that program to actually edit the fonts correctly etc... is it available freeware, or must I land a bundle on it like PS4...

09-25-2000, 07:07 PM
We all use Illustrator version 8 or 9 to create all of the inserts. That is your best bet for doing the layouts of the artwork. I came in from barely knowing how to use it, and I am not creating Neo Geo manuals in the thing, so the learning curve for the program is not too bad at all.

Have you read through the FAQ at the site yet?


09-25-2000, 07:12 PM
I looked at the site about a month ago, so I do not recall if I read the faq. Probably need a refresher coarse.

09-25-2000, 07:23 PM
Take a look at the FAQ, it should answer most questions.... If you have anymore, ask here, or send nick_th_fury email, or myself if you wish. The FAQ is constantly being updated as questions arise that should be covered.