View Full Version : Neo-geo cart system memory card problem?

09-22-2000, 10:36 PM
How do I format a brand-new memory card for the cartridge system?I just got a supposedly brand new card and it told me after choosing save option that card was not formatted.What does this all mean?

09-22-2000, 10:40 PM
I dont have a memory card yet but i do know how to format a card. Start up your neo with a,b,c,&d all pressed down, that should take you to a memory card options where you can format the card

Neo Bomber Man
09-23-2000, 12:10 AM
It tells you how to format cards in the instruction booklet of probably every game, and if the card was new, it should have come with an instructions sheet that tells you how to get to the "utility menu" or whatever they call it.

09-23-2000, 12:19 AM
Yeah I finally got around to reading the instructions and basically it just said put into slot and turn on the system.it mentions nothing at all about formatting.It does say how to transfer data from a old card to a new.Im new to all this.Does the Neo-Geo have in memory at all?Or only with a card?I noticed On Fatual Fury2 it saved fro me without any mention of formatting.The Majician lord game how ever gave me the No save card is not formatted.So whats anybodys guess the actual game cartridge is not working ?

10-05-2000, 04:16 PM
place the memory card in the slot...hold A+B+C+D on joystick 1 and turn the power ont...that will bring you to the memory manager screen

10-05-2000, 06:46 PM
Im not sure if all MVS work with this too, but I did it on a 2 slot in a movie theater once, I unplugged it and held down the buttons, to fee up memory! I had the help of somone working the cord.

Neo Bomber Man
10-05-2000, 09:11 PM
Only the CD systems have on-board memory, since they do not have a card slot.

10-06-2000, 07:29 PM
All I had to do was plug in the card,remove the game cartridge turn it on for a minute turn it off put in the game cartridge and voila! Formatted. claims it can hold up to 27 games.We will see about that!Thanks for all the comments.

Neo Bomber Man
10-06-2000, 07:53 PM
My first card I got back in 1994, and it must have been in circulation for a few years before that, given the serial # of the system it was included with. I certainly didn't have 27 saves (though I had a fair number) but it always to me the stupid thing was full! Well now I have three cards so it's not so bad.