View Full Version : Dip codes

09-13-2000, 05:27 PM
I just bought large 1-slot arcade machine without and memory card. I`m trying to figure out how to set these up. I see a hard & a soft dip screen plus a code setting one and other screens. I see a screen with 12345678 but nothing changes when a press the buttons. Need help bad wanting to play all the hidden players in my fighting games. I`m new at this so help me out.

09-15-2000, 01:49 PM
Get them at my site, in the MVS section of The System, http://www.undertheneogeomoon.net

http://grador.radix.net/~kws/trey/utngmlink.gif http://www.undertheneogeomoon.net/

Big Bruno
09-15-2000, 05:27 PM
I know bill site has the info, but quickly the 1-8 are the hard dips on the Mother board of the one slot. should be a little red box with the switches. if you set switch 1 If I rember it will bring up the menu selection and the soft dips within the menu amoung other things.