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08-14-2000, 11:45 PM
Hello all,

Does anyone have the time, expertise, and inclination to install a backlight in the Neo Geo Pocket Color? I know someone supposedly put one in his B&W Neo Pocket, but I haven't heard anything about one for the color.

Tom http://www.neogeostore.com

08-15-2000, 01:40 PM
Well i thing its good enough to leave it as it be. I have no problems with it in any light, but hey some new reserve glasses would be cool to put back and change later.

08-15-2000, 04:40 PM
Someone claimed to have installed a backlight into the Color Pocket on the DHP Neo Geo list. I think it was Chris Ray. He said it was not an easy task at all, but it did run off of the batteries, and I think only 1/3 of the life was lost.

Definitely only for the brave. I like the Worm Lite personally!


08-18-2000, 10:10 PM
There is a light magnifier for the neo pocket. I bought it from Electronics Botique before the neo was taken off the shelves. It increases sreen by 40%, has a dual light and it clips on to the neo(it's made for it). The company that makes it is called MADNESS GAMEWARE, I only have the address :
Madness Gameware
City of Industry, CA 91748
If this helps the part number from electronics botique is 1748482, if you come across a store that stills has one!!!!!!
Hope I could help...............A NEONUT

08-23-2000, 11:53 PM
Really, backlighting is not a good idea for the NGPC. It's a reflective LCD screen, not active matrix style. In bright light, such as outdoors in the sun, it looks beautiful. I agree with the fact that, in dim light or indoors it doesn't look as good . . . but in bright light its awesome.

Anyway, I think trying to install a backlight in the NGPC would be more trouble than its worth. Just play it the way it is, or try to get the game peripheral recommended by neonut. Gotta look for one of those myself . . . http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

08-24-2000, 12:13 AM
www.nyko.com (http://www.nyko.com)

The WormLight for the Neo Geo. NCS and Video Game Depot also sell it. It is a nice little unit. THe light works well, at least in my opinion. I have the magnifer, and did not like it too much, it bothered my eye some too...... And it is also not very sturdy...


Master Terry Bogard
08-27-2000, 01:33 AM
I got a wormlight 3 in 1 for Neo Geo too. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well in total darkness.

08-29-2000, 11:57 AM
Which is brighter, a modded gameboy wormlight or one made for the NGPC?

Billkwando http://welcome.to/undertheneogeomoon

08-29-2000, 10:26 PM
I think the Nyko light works well, at least for me. No experience with a modded GB WormLight....


10-02-2000, 08:33 AM
The easiest way to light the pocket wouldnot be a back light but rather track lighting around each of the sides like a watch has, You could use 4 bright white LED's what what it would be worth, I probably wouldnt bother as it would cost you messing up atleast 1 system in the messing around stages.