View Full Version : More one Nightmare in the Dark Bootleg cart ???

04-02-2009, 10:26 PM
Well...i win other NitD auction......before bid i asked to the seller about the cart....if its original...and him say yes it is....but Kpj alert me about the game be a bootleg.....

I contacted the seller asking about some pictures from the pcbs before i pay the bundle....

What you think ???

Dammit....another boot NOOOOOOOOO :very_ang:


04-02-2009, 11:40 PM

I'm not sure if it's a boot or not, but I would be suspicious as this game did not come with a side-holographic serial #ed label like the picture displays. I've also received carts with the same repro labels as this one & all have been boots.

I hope it is legit, but I would have been hesitant. Wasn't trying to scare you, just trying to help out.


04-02-2009, 11:49 PM
KPJ kills most of the real ones for homecart conversions which he then flips for $300 more or whatever.


04-03-2009, 12:40 AM
Although that label does look legit I don't believe I've ever seen a non-silver one. That together with the fake label is enough for me to think its a boot.

04-03-2009, 07:19 AM
Dont worry Kpj...i know that you trying help me.....and thank you about the Pulstar.....

Well.....i'm waiting the seller send the pictures to me....and fingers crossed :annoyed:


04-05-2009, 05:37 PM
Well....Kpj its right.....these NitD its other fucking bootleg....

I cancel the payment......the seller will make a new auction for the cart....if someone want a boot......