View Full Version : US AoF3 & MS3 AES questions

09-15-2007, 10:54 AM
OK so I have these two hard to find US AES games and bought them both from very reputable sources (both well rated members on here). Everything about them seems legit to me, the types of paper used on the insert, sticker, and manual, the weight of the cart, etc. BUT there are two nagging software issues that are bugging me.

First off, MS3 doesn't pass the Uni-Bios CRC check as most 708 mega carts do. Instead of getting a checksum and an OK for 5 or 6 different memory banks, it just gives a checksum for the first bank and the rest get labeled "custom". Is this normal or is this reason to open it up and look inside the cart?

AoF3 also plays like a dream until you beat the game. When the credits roll the font is all garbled and you can't read a damn thing. The cart passes the CRC test with flying colors. Is this a normal bug in the game? A wierd glitch with my AES system? Or a reason to open the cart up and look inside?

I really DONT want to mess with the sticker and open these carts and I definitely don't want to make the sellers seem shady for selling boots. I'm pretty confident both these issues are non-boot related but, I'm also too ignorant to really know.

Any help?


Also since this COULD be a factor, I just noticed that the very last pin on the far right side of the cart slot appears bent down. Don't know if this is crucial or not. Plus I have about 30 games and these are the only two with these strange issues - although I could totally see how 1 bent pin could possibly cause these specific problems.