View Full Version : Sengoku 3 boot

08-31-2007, 10:23 PM
Over on KLOV, I am considering trading someone some MVS carts I have and don't really play anymore for a copy of Sengoku 3. He got it from yaton, and says that it says 'Sengoku 3 Plus' on the title screen. Yaton's website has Sengoku 3 listed under 'special' (meaning hack/boot). Has anyone had any experience with this cart in particular? I don't really want it if it's missing sound/endings/etc. I'm not anal about boots (I have one that I got before I knew anything about MVS carts), but I don't want this thing if it's jacked up compared to the real thing.

Of course, the other option is that yaton has 'original working' Sengoku 3 carts up right now, but they're 70$ a pop and I can't trade old carts for one :rolleyes: I'm not obsessed with getting this game, it just seemed like a trade might be a good deal. What do you guys think?

09-04-2007, 01:02 PM
Odds are, I won't be getting this, but I'm still curious. No one's had any experience with the Sengoku 3 carts (likely boots/hacks) that yaton is selling?