View Full Version : All time favorite trick???

10-01-2000, 09:46 PM
What is your all time favorite code or trick in any Neo game??? I haven't played many games so I don't really have one but I'm curious to know how many good codes or tricks there are.

10-01-2000, 09:59 PM
My favorite trick, is not in a game but with the memory card. Accessing the cards bio's and setting your name is a feature I find most users dont even know about. Every card Iv had (4 now) hadnt been set before I got them!

10-09-2000, 02:53 PM
My favorite trick is probably Takuma's instant dizzy combo in KOF 94. Heinshippu kyaku into CD attack.

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Big Bruno
10-09-2000, 03:05 PM
trick oh.

well lets I like the cd trick that lets the characters shrink in Fatal fury 3 That was pretty cool. Also the dip code to play the extra characters in ff3 homecart since you were not able to any other way from what i remember.

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10-10-2000, 10:20 PM
Cool I didn't know about the Fatal Fury trick. http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-15-2000, 03:10 AM
Definitely has to be the Orochi Iori/Leona/New Face Team codes in KOF'97

10-16-2000, 06:33 PM
The useless doll moves in Samurai Shodown 2. GOD did people get offended when you would do one of these!

I would do one, just to avoid a last hit before time ran out if I was facing a turtle. The wicked laugh Gen-An would give as he turned into a doll, or the annoying cuteness of Cham Cham or Nicotine in doll form was enough to make them want to kill somebody. I wish there were doll moves in some of these newer SNK fighters... KOF especially. http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Master Terry Bogard
10-16-2000, 07:44 PM
Doll moves are cool, esp. in conjuction w/ hidden moves for Hahomaru http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif

Hmm, tricks...well I can beat Amakusa on SS1 by just throwing him to death, but I don't think that count. I can kind of do that w/ the second boss (Mizuki?) in SS 2.