View Full Version : What do you use for a CLEANING KIT

09-26-2000, 09:09 PM
I really need a cleaning kit for my Neo Geo. I asked in to of the topics, and no one has answered yet.... Im sorry if I am posting to much about it, I really need something. Iv been using a broken in half game gear kit, and it doesnt do well. Iv heard some of you mention that you do clean your systems... but with WHAT!?

Master Terry Bogard
09-26-2000, 09:25 PM
You are ok. It really doesn't matter, if you post alot, as long as it's semi-semi useful http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif I am sorry, but my Neo Geo system is in fairly good shape, so I didn't have to clean it. If I did, it will be w/ soap & H2o-I know I am not suppose to be cleaning w/ this kind of stuff, but I use it on all of my systems and games-works like a charm. Actually, I think just regular cleaning kit for ps and such will do the job. But I am no expert.

09-26-2000, 09:38 PM
I should have been more clear, I need a kit for the home cart system, not the cd. A PS cleaning kit wouldnt do anything for a cart system http://www.neo-geo.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-26-2000, 09:47 PM
Some people use erasers, and others use the Nes, Super Nes, Sega cartridge Cleaning kits, which is like a cloth and some Isophroal Alcohol! I'm a little puzzled on what to use my self!


09-27-2000, 12:17 PM
Isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs are what I use to clean ALL of my cartridge video games. Even though alcohol is a solvent and most game manuals warn against using it to clean carts, I've never had anything bad come out of using alcohol to clean contacts. Hell, even the "official" cleaning kits use isopropyl alcohol as the cleaning agent.

09-27-2000, 01:26 PM
Thats what I already use for carts... I NEED TO CLEAN THE CONTACTS Inside the unit itself.
Cant fit a q-tip in there.

09-27-2000, 03:44 PM
To clean the contacts in the UNIT, Jeff Kurtz recommends using a Compressed Air Duster Can, I believe. And trust me, any advice from Jeff relating the Neo will be accurate!