View Full Version : Maintainer(s) wanted @ jamma.nl bootleg :)

05-22-2006, 12:52 PM
Hi Guys,

from the first forensic posts i can make out that people would like to be able to submit stuff as well. Although there are already many pics in the gallery, more would always be better.

I stopped adding pics of bootlegs since.. well, a long time. I've got job, girl and real life i got to take care of, and keeping track of what's not / what is already in the gallery took too much time. Besides, i figured there were pics enough already.

Nobody bothered to donate when i had the paypal donate button, and the cash for the domain, albeit not much, comes out of my own pocket. Still, not one donation, so that also 'helped' in dowsing my interrest. I got rid of the button after i upgraded the software recently.

Anyway, if anybody feels up to the task, and wants to actively maintain the bootleg gallery, feel free to shoot me a PM. This new version of gallery allows sub-admins in decent way, give them specific rights, etc..

Also, there's some other stuff in the gallery, vacation pics and shit. Go ahead, take a look, i got nothing to hide :)

- Alex