View Full Version : Hello there non-english speaking kids, I need help.

05-11-2005, 12:35 PM
I signed up for Italian after a semester of Faggotry (Japanese).

I have heard this language is easy, and I have heard it is hard.

I figured you would be the best to tell me.

I took two years of Latin in highschool, I don't like to spend 12 hours
a day going over vocab but I do my work and I do it well.

Is it easy? Will it be fun? Will I actually use this in Italy or is it all english?

05-11-2005, 04:37 PM
will be funnny for sure :p :buttrock:

easy... dunno buddy :)

anyway latin will help you ...normally.. :eek_2:

opss.. :D... :kekeke:

top food here :mr_t:


05-11-2005, 10:08 PM
I need to learn some more Italiano too.

05-12-2005, 06:08 AM
I need to learn some more Italiano too.

Hi buddy...

your Italian is better than my engrish :tickled:

and also sad but true is a fact...italian is only used by us, and sometime not really properly :kekeke: ...that make our language sexy to hear maybe , but defenately not so usefull worldwide , like english , spanish ,french.. ... :emb:



05-12-2005, 06:31 AM
Any latin-based language is easy for someone that originally speaks another latin-based language, usually. You can even understand the general idea of a text, even without knowing the language.

But since you are a native english speaker (I suppose) it will not be that easy.