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  1. Been Playing Capcom vs SNK all day!
  2. CvS question: Attn King fans
  3. HUGE Capcom Vs. SNK survey....
  4. How to get Akuma in Capcom vs Snk (DC)?
  5. Just played for 1st time ever... Capcom vs. SNK!
  6. stop te ratio system(please dont put the rtio system in capcom vs. snk 2)
  7. HEY
  8. SNK main character swap for CvS2
  9. SNK characters you'd like to see in CvS2
  10. new releases, again
  11. SNK Characters Vs. Capcom Characters
  12. Other Than Kyosuke and Yun, Who'd you want to see from SF3 and RS/PJ in CvS2
  13. How to unlock evil ryu etc..
  14. SNKvsCap.com: Suggestions?
  15. Capcom vs SNK Pro on DC: Soon and Cheap!
  16. Favorite Capcom vs Snk char ?
  17. Noble Swordsmen Engage: Washizuka Keiichro vs Yagyu Jubei
  18. What system will CvS2 come for?
  19. Morrigan and NakoRuru
  20. You SNK-fans got beef with Capcom-fans?
  21. Yo! Congrats, Setsuna X!!!
  22. What's your favorite Stage in Capcom vs Snk ?
  23. Capcom VS SNK (Aussies)
  24. Your Favorite ENGRISH lines!!!
  25. Counter moves
  26. Roll/Dodge or Air Block?
  27. [Hypothetical] Could the Saturn & 4 meg ram support SNK vs. Capcom?
  28. What if....
  29. What dont you want to see in capcom vs SNK 2??
  30. What kind of music do you wanna hear in CvsS2?
  31. what stages do you wanna see in CvsS2
  32. It should be called SNK vs capcom, like.....
  33. Most Kawaii Girl Fighter!!! ^__^
  34. Snk Or Capcom??
  35. Project Justice $19.99?
  36. Combos for DC Capcom Vs SNK ...
  37. Why ban the fckin truth?!
  38. Megaman
  39. SNK's Final Boss in the Capcom vs. SNK Games
  40. CVS 2 Last Boss
  41. Favorite char name ?
  42. Why was Andy Bogard MIA???
  43. Eiji Yamada (Edge) and Ryuji Yamazaki
  44. Power rankings for KoF/SF universes
  45. Capcom vs SNK Ninjas
  46. Ryu: Unbeatable gaming god?
  47. shad or southown
  48. shad or southown
  49. Guile, Charlie or Remy?
  50. Morrigan and NakoRuru Movelists and Comments
  51. 100% Project Justice juggles
  52. Capcom vs. SNK Millenium Pro 2000?
  53. sf story help
  54. Super cancels in CvS Pro?
  55. Create your Capcom & SNK rivals...
  56. about my costume on Capcom vs SNK
  57. What if this happened in Cvs.S....
  58. Marvel VS Capcom 1 and 2
  59. "Has anyone saw this picture yet?" (This is not a hoax)
  60. Removed ratio system in capcom vs. snk!
  61. Do you think it takes skills to play Streetfighter??
  62. Cap Vs SNK Help!
  63. long live the underdogs
  64. who do you think is the weakest CvS character (assuming at equivalent ratio level)
  65. Who thinks that the best Marvel vs game is Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter?
  66. who would be in your MVC3?
  67. Please Help!
  68. Customizable ratios in CvS2
  69. Lets talk Theme Teams...
  70. Should there be a combonation of SF and DS??
  71. Where do u play
  72. Capcom vs SNK 2 to be released in September!!!
  73. Kasumi's dad to be in CvS 2
  74. How to fight Nakoruru/Morrigan/Akuma in arcades
  75. *SCREAMS like a bitch*
  76. CAP vs SNK is making its way to PS2
  77. I just wonder about moves copyright alibis
  78. Your thoughts on the revealed CvS2 characters
  79. 6 Grooves & 10 New Characters for CvS2?
  80. Shinkiro kicks ass again!...
  81. Why put out CvS Pro?
  82. My thoughts on Eagle on Cvs.S 2....
  83. Vinylboy's cool idea
  84. I doubt Andy Bogard will make it to CvsS2
  85. Metal slug and resident evil characters in capcom vs. snk
  86. CD's (knockdown moves) in CvS 2
  87. Need info on CvS2
  88. A closer examination of the screenshots.....
  89. The scoop on the new ratio system in CvS2
  90. CVS 2 question.
  91. Ratio system sucks
  92. Preview reports up on Shoryuken.com , Madman's cafe
  93. CvS2 Screenshots coming!
  94. CvS2 screenshots are HERE!
  95. Character counterpartings change (no it's still Kyo and Geese vs Ryu and Bison)
  96. Charge Characters & Grapplers in Capcom & SNK fighters
  97. Q: how do i beat Kim?
  98. project justice question
  99. The Mystery of The Yellow Boxes in CvS2....
  100. KOF Sites
  101. Cvs2 advert...
  102. POLL: will CAPCOM USA screw CVS2??
  103. Kyo's outfit in CVS2
  104. Create a Groove
  105. Which version of Yun is in CVS2?
  106. is the desert stage in CVS2 similar to that of kof 2000?
  107. All right... Here's what Capcom Japan said about Capcom's support for the DC....
  108. Cap. vs SNK 2: the greatest game ever made???
  109. Characters from Garou-MOTW in Cvs.S2...
  110. Possible special character intros to Cvs.S 2...
  111. i would love air-parrying in CVS2.
  112. In depth CVS2 character analysis
  113. Leona fans rejoice
  114. Wouldn't it be cool if you could.....
  115. Do you think that the home versions will have scaled down sprites??
  116. The forums at Shoryuken has good info too....
  117. CvS2 Movies!!!
  118. Extras in CvS2
  119. What ever happened
  120. Is this going to be yearly?
  121. Any info on...
  122. Damn that CAPCOM Vs SNK
  123. If it's so damn complete, why must we wait so long?
  124. That's it, I'm outta here....
  125. ROLL SUX?!?
  126. heyyy... Kyo has 2 outfits?
  127. really Lookin Forward to CvS2.
  128. I Bet money That Wolfgang Krauser will be in the game (cvs2)
  129. Street Fighter Zero 3 decrypted.
  130. does anyone knows how iori plays like in CVS2?
  131. just wondering...
  132. Instead of Bosses ...how about this!
  133. Capcom vs SNK Sprite Rips?
  134. anybody wants terry in his garou:MOTW outfit?
  135. A game that no one will expect...
  136. C vs.S 3 and M vs. C 3 Future Characters...
  137. HELP! (regarding CvS Pro arcade version)
  138. Cacom VS SNK 2 US coming out on.....
  139. what do you hate about the snk groove iand the capcom groove ilustrations.
  140. If CvS2 DOES come out for the DC......
  141. Final Fight vs Sengoku
  142. Dan vs Wyler
  143. Rock howard
  144. Original Character to appear in CvS2?
  145. CVS2 PS2 vs DC
  146. So who is doing the Voices??
  147. Morrigan Aensland is one lucky SOB, here's why...
  148. A morriganne and lilith and Rimururu and nakoruru
  149. CvS on NeoGeo Pocket is splendid!
  150. CvS2 update (sort of)
  151. madman'c cafe's CVS2 update.
  152. Who is stronger Iori or Ryu?
  153. Choi & Chang...
  154. who will you use in Capcom vs. SNK 2?
  155. Capcom style combos...
  156. the dreamcast version of CVS2 really needs to be hyped.
  157. Missing SNK moves in Capcom vs. Snk
  158. CvS 2 moveslist scans are here!
  159. June 6, Beimaru Nikaido's birthday
  160. Sie Kensou
  161. Help!
  162. CVS:pro is really coming!!
  164. ebworld preorders cvs2!!
  165. Capcom VS SNK Pro Japan - Dreamcast
  166. New CvS2 Movies (Rock included)
  167. First time to play CvS millenium
  168. Chek this site out
  169. ryu ain't the only cheapo in snk groove.
  170. Another Capcom VS SNK 2 Preview Site
  171. KYO speak in BG.
  172. CvS for US DC edited?
  173. Capcom vs SNK Pro available in US
  174. Andy Bogard in CVS 2 ?
  175. why the name millionaire fighting 2001?
  176. CVS2's terry looks so sweet !!
  177. Capcom vs SNK 3 Intros
  178. capcom's style gameplay.
  179. SNK vs. Capcom for MVS
  180. rugal is really improved
  181. Alternate mode is great for capcom vs. snk 3 and change mode is needed too.
  182. Alternate mode is great for capcom vs. snk 3 and change mode is needed too.
  183. I want this characters!
  184. Why Rhiyaku and not Kasumi?????
  185. EX kyo rocks in CVS:pro!!!!
  186. cvs good or bad post why
  187. To get to the point....
  188. capcom of usa's CVS2 on dc possibility.
  189. CVS Pro is actually really good.....
  190. Combo's with a DC controller
  191. Intros in CVS2
  192. help plz!!!!!!!!!!
  193. I want Orochi and Jedah
  194. What if......
  195. about raiden and c vs s 2 release date
  196. Missing some characters in Capcom vs SNK 2
  197. Buk's CvS2 test report!
  198. CVSS (pro) intros
  199. CVSS (pro) intros
  200. What about Orrochi OROCHI in CvS3?
  201. Krauser vs Sagat....
  202. CVS 2 pics and movies
  203. Introducing SNK vs Cap.com
  204. Your most wanted character in Capcom vs SNK 2 (Mention 5)
  205. CVS2 uses PS2 HD...
  206. A translation question
  207. Who wants there to be a mixture of C and SNK...
  208. From what people have told me.....
  209. CvsSpro with the VGA box
  210. One tough MO-FO
  211. for only ps2?
  212. Y6800 for Capcom vs SNK 2! I know its a Little more but Why?
  213. Why ?
  214. Demon Hyo vs Hyper Kagami
  215. CVS2's official release date.
  216. Is this board dying?
  217. Who is the strongest grabbler in both of SNK and Capcom ?
  218. Musashi vs Akuma
  219. WHY ? JUST WHY ?
  220. missing moves
  221. What so big about Ryu ?
  222. cvs2 what match ups u do wanna see
  223. Fave.group...Snk or capcom
  224. why capcom didn't announce the hidden fighters.
  225. Capcom Comments on future coin-op plans ....
  226. Favorite EX Fighter?
  227. Is pro really that much different?
  228. question about cvs2 that i was thinking of
  229. anyone feels that these fighters should not be ratio 1s
  230. What kind of secret characters will you want to have in Capcom vs. SNK 2?
  231. Why do people get so mad about, when they lose?
  232. Yamazaki in CvS sucks!
  233. DC gets special CvS 2 disc!!!
  234. did u rea this in mmcafe.com
  235. The BEST NIGHT OF CvS OF MY LIFE!!!!!
  236. The Strongest move in both of Capcom and SNK fighting games
  237. Your top 5 in Darkstalker Series
  238. This Makes Me Mad.........
  239. CvS 2 for PS2
  240. di you hear.........
  241. capcom vs snk or snk vs capcom
  242. how many snk
  243. a new movie at gamespot.
  244. If you are in or near the Kansas City,MO area please read!!!
  245. us version of cvs2 for dc
  246. Capcom vs. SNK 2 movies!
  247. kyokugenryu vs. shotokan
  248. CvS3-The Universe Battle
  249. CVS2 is coming to arcades tomorrow is it?
  250. Possible combos