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  1. NEODC emu?
  2. Arcadia Magazine gives tribute
  3. Dreamcast - best 2D engine? (see Guilty Gear X)
  4. Arcade Joystick compatible with PC and all the consoles!!!
  5. Shawn?? All jap cartridge for sell??
  6. Metal Slug 4 WILL be released for Home Cartrige
  7. SNK-themed fan event coming to Philadelphia in 2002
  8. KOF 2K1 Merch?>>
  9. What is so hard to understand?
  10. Neo-Tech Update! >>>
  11. Will MS4 break the 1.000 Megs barrier?
  14. The messiah has arrived!
  15. The King of Fighters 2001/2002!
  16. Welcome me into your arms!!
  17. Looking for Zupapa complete MVS kit? Check this out...
  18. I think your gonna be a little pissed off...
  19. Put cheese in front of a rat, and what do you think the rat will do?
  20. Another Illegal Ebay Seller...........
  21. Hmm.... Metal Slug 2 on my NGPC.... errr... 2nd mission I mean
  22. Shenmue 2 fans! Good news!
  23. Whats this???
  24. Thinking about another Neo get-together
  25. Rom Seller on Yahoo............
  26. HOLY MO FO!!! KOF 2K1 Preorders this week at NCS!!!!
  28. " SNK NEO GEO USA" - Opening in January 2002
  29. Can we expect a new Neo home system based on the crystal system?
  30. Bastard trying to sell neo Roms on eBay
  31. MMCafe
  32. Probablility Of An Official Zupapa AES Release?
  33. SNK Neo Geo
  35. Neo geo not dead , it's official Snk not dead
  36. Metal slug 4 AES When??
  37. NCS just accepted my KOF 2001 AES preorder (nt)
  38. Where do i buy Neo t-shirts?
  39. Off-topic: for U of A students (Canada)
  41. Pong has made a comeback
  42. NCS kof 2001 reliable?
  43. Will KOF 2001 MVS work on !Arcade!'s Phantom 1 MVS convter?
  44. Questions about pirated SNK stuff
  45. SNK's new name "SNK NEO GEO"??
  46. The solution for solving the emulation problem:
  47. KOF 2001 megs?
  49. Hey !
  50. chimp
  51. Arcade Rumor
  52. hahah, for a good laugh check this out
  53. snk vs capcom mvs
  54. Check this out
  55. kof 2001
  56. KOF 2001 MVS bootlegs
  57. KOF 2001 OST
  58. Fran!!!! KOF 98!!!!
  59. KoF EX site up!
  60. Tell me the truth
  61. Moved a number of threads to General Discussion
  62. NCS has more news on KOF2K1: ENGLISH & JAPANESE RELEASE!
  63. KOF2K1 sound Track 12-29
  64. KOF 2001 Preorder TAKEN and PAID
  65. Now there will be a KoF 2K1 U.S. Version as well to choose from!!!!!
  66. Why isn't there a C Vs. SNK 2 for NGPC?
  68. When KOF comes to GBA, this is what I will play it on !!
  69. SNK NEO GEO!?
  70. Tonk Banned?
  71. Unconfirmed news from Magicbox
  72. KOF 2001 AES homecarts coming to the neo store.
  73. SNK reborn? bah...
  74. What Games coming up next???
  75. Kof 2001 Home Cart - release date
  76. Anybody else seen the ending to KOF2001?
  77. kof2001 neogeo cart only???
  78. MVS locations
  79. Was this Neo*Geo system ever released?
  80. Who's purchasing the Zupapa Conversion by NGF?
  81. Check this MVS cab here, looks awsome, and is only a 30 min drive from my house
  82. The Minnesota Neo Get-Together had a great turn-out!
  83. NGF markets a product to the EMU community!!!!!
  84. Whats wrong with my mIRC?
  85. Dip Settings On My Site
  86. king of fighters 95 cd cpecial edition NEOGEOFREAK freak
  87. 3 Slot?
  88. BOOTLEG ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. SNK tribute t-shirt at GameSkins.com
  90. Does this game exist for mvs????????????
  91. red blood
  92. EURO, JPN- OR US???
  93. slug 1 for sale ?
  94. Man Caught With Explosives On Plane!
  95. Now HOW are unregistered persons able to post here...??
  96. the_return_of_the_DODO
  97. High Score Screen Shots
  98. Playmore/Dimps Updates
  100. Mark of The Wolves - Gamespot fighting game of the year?!
  101. OK who is getting Dodgeball at....
  102. Video Game Bible project
  103. Christmas brings out the best in people....
  104. go play Art of Fighting 3 on MVS today!
  105. Neo Geo Swim Trunks on Ebay.
  106. Who got NGF's Zupapa for Christmas??
  107. This is news, actually more of a question...
  108. Something to keep you entertained.
  109. News and reasons...
  110. SNK related questions
  111. Kof 2001 secret Characters
  112. KOF2K1 release date announced
  113. Is King of Fighter 2001 worth getting?
  114. KOF 2001 questions
  115. Largest Neo Geo E-bay auction I have ever seen!!!
  116. Expected MVS/Crystal Titles for 1st Quarter 2002
  117. What happened to NeoGeotrade ???
  118. Korean AES carts
  119. **help how do i get a groovy animation under my thread
  120. SNK Projects
  121. KoF 2001: English release confirmed
  122. Another Big Neo auction
  123. So you think YOURS is big? - look at this...
  124. Here we go again , NGF
  125. Are there any specs on the Crystal System anywhere?
  126. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  127. Happy New Year To All!!!!
  128. KOF 2001 MVS on ebay
  129. Happy 2002 everyone!
  130. MS4 character art revealed!
  131. Has someone seen this before?
  132. New game to be released!!!!!!!
  133. Dion's Funny Little Letter!!!
  134. NGF dispute forum open at VGB
  135. Any news on The Last Blade 3?
  136. Capcom is making PS version of Capcom vs SNK Pro
  137. Why I have NO FAITH in the developers of Evolution Soccer for the Crystal System
  138. My bad luck with Samurai Shodown II copies!!!
  140. Dream Soccer 94. Data east proto
  141. I heard from a little mouse that.....
  142. Redid My Site
  143. Need help! Anyone have 16-bit's home address??? ASAP!
  144. NCS website shut down?
  145. I'd like to give my thanks to neogeo.com,feel free to place your own comments
  146. Need a cart system?
  147. New Reviews! (includes KOF:EX on GBA)
  148. KOF2001 to come out for PS2 this year???
  149. World Heroes 3
  150. Any news on the Neo Geo Ultracade
  151. MS3 on PC?!
  152. Look KOF Online!
  153. IGN News W/ SNK-USA Rumour
  154. Successor to SNK may reopen U.S. offices?
  155. Fantastic review of the Crystal System
  157. kof online
  158. By Popular demand Specs added to the 2D shootout
  159. Anyone know who NeoGeoKiller is??
  160. IS THERE STILL HOPE?!?!?!?!?
  161. Look at this Bin Laden wannabe
  162. The KOF online game
  163. Strange!!!
  164. Can someone explain what's going on?
  165. What the hell is this BS!!!
  166. What is this little Wolf Logo?
  167. Neo Hotel Unit!!
  168. Announcing the new Neo-Glossary
  169. Specs added to the 2D shodown
  170. Look at this. Someone is pissed.
  171. New auction by TonK:
  172. REAL Dion Dakis Action Figure found.
  174. Positive feedback
  175. Support for the neo geo...
  177. Took a look at a Hotel Unit this evening.
  178. TEXAS Neo-Geo Collectors
  179. the return of Fan Scene
  180. Another GREAT auction!
  181. New Evoga Update!
  182. Are there other opinions on the KOF EX?
  183. 2 Manuals Hosted
  184. In Evo Soccer, What are the odds that...
  185. Neo Geo Game reviews wanted!!
  186. NeoGeoFreak rebirth
  187. NGF posts a Neo glossary...sure looks familiar, aside from a few edits of course.
  188. the VC deal w/ the "hotel" units
  189. Where is www.neogeoforlife.com???
  190. Ray Young Great seller/Trader
  191. Glad things are Back.
  192. Forums back for quick testing, and will close again soon!
  193. While you were all away: NEW REVIEWS! (as of Jan. 15th)
  194. Fan Scene updated again
  195. Message Boards and Chat.
  196. COOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! the forum is back
  197. For Those That Where Away This Weekend
  198. another BIG neo auction...again
  199. Look at our featured member!
  200. Gigantic KOF2001 Ad. Thank me later.
  201. Neo Chat
  202. Dion fixes the Neo Glossary
  203. San Francisco Art Institute offers new BA program in game art
  204. Madman's Cafe CLOSING!!!
  205. WHERE´S "Who is ONLiNE"-View???
  206. A few MVS carts in U2's music video
  207. Things are looking more back to normal every hour
  208. Blue KOF 2000 MVS??!!
  209. I don't know if you care but someone is selling...
  210. Metal Slug 4 news?
  211. King Of Fighters Online RPG
  212. HK Interview
  213. New Reviews: Includes Super Dodge Ball
  214. Midwest NEO getogether
  215. New review coming soon: Super Dodge Ball!
  216. NEW Samurai And Garou 2 games announced
  217. Last Odyssey roms dumped?
  218. WTF?
  219. What happened to MVS-II???
  220. Good Price for a MVS
  221. Warning! Problems with official KOF2K1 AES!
  222. Whats going on with the forums????
  223. little bit of Metal Slug 4 info
  224. KOF 2001 coming out for...PS2?!
  225. Neo Geo SNK Korea and American shut down? Why?
  226. New Review:
  227. New Contest: Win Vib Ribbon (PSX) and a GoldFinger as well as other prizes!
  228. JHendrix comes to SHOCK HQ!
  229. Nakoruru PC game is now ported to Dreamcast coming in March
  230. New Super Dodge Ball Review:
  231. This is wellworthy news for me! Neo AES
  232. SS5! Last Blade 3! KOF 2001 on PS2! Garou 2!
  233. New Last Blade 2 Review:
  234. go to the chat now
  235. New Review: Neo Turf Masters
  236. Complete MVS Collection on Ebay
  237. I think it's time to get rid of the SPAMERS once and for all.
  238. The Hobbit=Ragus
  240. New Review: Sengoku 3
  241. Chat meetings and the Java Chat client....
  242. New Review: Voltage Fighter Gowcaiser... In German!
  243. www.neostore.com gets good mention on www.kofonline.com!
  244. Two New Reviews by Bobak!:
  245. Neo Geo
  246. Milwaukee/Chicago area Neo Congregation
  247. Chat log you just have to see!
  248. More Neo emulation damage via E-bay
  249. New modifications for your Neo!
  250. New Review of Samurai 2