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  1. Primal Rage PCB Sound Question
  2. CPS-2 optical interface???
  3. Consolized Atomiswave
  4. Hori Fighting Stick PS vs SS
  5. CPS3 No Sound
  6. CPS3 battery change guide.
  7. Power Instinct sound problems
  8. Fuses, Filters, and NOT electicuting myself while building a Supergun
  9. Consolized Naomi system
  10. Need Help Sourcing Parts.....
  11. How to open Dynamo HS-5 Model cab (w/ pics)
  12. Games that dont work without -5v
  13. Converting .chd mame files for use with Arcade hard drives
  14. Genesis S Video Mod Help
  15. CPS1 to CPS2 kick harness adapter?
  16. X-men 6 Player second RGB out info and question
  17. Sega Galaxian hardware
  18. Pioneer LaserActive repair needed
  19. what parts can i remove from my cab?
  20. CPS2 security bolt
  21. The bad battery thread
  22. R-Type Irem M72 Cap Question for Jamma sound
  23. Konami Metamorphic Force PCB - No Sound
  24. Have: Jackie Chan-Kung Fu Master. Want: Jackie Chan-Fists of Fire
  25. DC arcade stick layout schematics
  26. How to Mod a PAL VOGATEK MK 5 to NTSC - Done and functional
  27. Sega Naomi 1 with Capcom I/O Freezing
  28. Dead D4990?
  29. Turbografx amp / scart wiring question.
  30. Retron 3 RGB mod?
  31. creating a part list for a project: boardmaster UPDATE
  32. Best EURO SCART Switch for use with XRGB Mini?
  33. Naomi Netboot Help (continuation thread)
  34. Vogatek supergun - black & white picture only
  35. Your XRGB-Mini settings?
  36. Gauntlet legends (arcade) on supergun??
  37. Does this CPS2 need phoenixing?
  38. Genesis DOESn't work right...
  39. Clean Mod Work Thread!
  40. Blast city wiring issues for 4 and 5 buton
  41. What kind of Connector Is This?
  42. CPS2 Black board Revival (What am I doing wrong?)
  43. golden axe : revenge of death adder busted?
  44. Analog controls on Sega I/O 838-13683-93
  45. Extron Emotia questions
  46. Xbox to Jamma Timer PCB Help needed
  47. Tools of the trade
  48. Genesis Color issue
  49. Genesis S-Video mod: bad chroma
  50. Violent Storm issues - offering $ for repair services
  51. mega man 6 NES graphic issues on frontloader
  52. Life Force PCB stuck in reset loop and experiencing video issues
  53. Steering wheel question
  54. JROK component board + LCD + Cave SH1/PGM no worky
  55. Ps Vita TV RGB Question
  57. Rom file for Naomi Null/Zero key?
  58. Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition board problem
  59. A PGM question...
  60. Can anyone with a Street Smart PCB help me out
  61. Circuit for a Jamma Timer needed
  62. Playing Guilty Gear in VS Cabs
  63. Turbografx/29F016 Question
  64. Eprom Programmer?
  65. Piforce Tools Support Thread
  66. Sega System 32 Motherboard: No sound
  67. Thoughts on the original X-RGB2?
  68. My Hakko 808 took a shit
  69. Hacking the Game Elf
  70. PGM motherboard not holding saves.
  71. sega saturn modchip and installation
  72. Turbo Express - Screen doesn't turn on after capacitor replacement
  73. Bad Sound on Cps2 X-Men Vs SF Board
  74. netboot naomi cartridge mame dump
  75. Atomiswave Consolized Guide
  76. Game boy Advance SP has white specks inside screen
  77. RGB Passthrough?
  78. Punisher w/o Interface board: Sound ?
  79. Super neo 29 keeps blowing fuse
  80. Who can mod my Taito F3 mobo?
  81. NES Multiout
  82. 50/60hz and region mod PAL saturn
  83. Help building a supergun
  84. Help with an atx for a Naomi
  85. Sega Saturn Hitachi Laser
  86. Weird glitch on a generic black dynamo.
  87. Toki PCB LA4460N overheats
  88. Cabinet pcb question
  89. Converting a CPS1 to GnG
  90. DoDonPachi 2 Bee Storm Update
  91. Need to commission soldering tech help
  92. Super Neo 29 Dead Chassis, with pictures and video.
  93. SNES Mini to XRGB-Mini
  94. Golden Axe: The Revenge sounds weird...
  95. 27C512 eprom question
  96. Mods guys....what's your favorite method to tin an assload of wire jumpers?
  97. JAMMA 619-in-1 PCB Question - Hold your Fire!
  98. Singling out faulty rom chips.
  99. TurboDuo CD Problem
  100. CPS-II kick harness
  101. CGA TO HDMI converter
  102. Where do you buy Arcade Stick parts and enclosures? Not buttons.
  103. CPS1 Jumbled Graphics
  104. Busted consoles and handhelds
  105. PCE Duo replacment psu
  106. Mask Rom identification list ?
  107. Sunset Riders - Graphic Glitches/"Jailbars"
  108. teenage ninja turtles with jailbars on background
  109. JP-21 Switch Box
  110. FGW Converter Thread
  111. Sega CD M2 BIOS help...
  112. Vampire kick harness problem FIXED
  113. Powering Key Digital KD-VTCA3 from jamma?
  114. Xbox One and DVDO Green issue
  115. Connect SEGA virtua Stick Pro to supergun w DB15
  116. Similar problem with jrok and arcade vga plus sync cleaner
  117. cps3 simms/cps3 frustrations
  118. Question about how to hookup xxx-in-1 jamma pcb to supergun
  119. Monitor adjustment issues
  120. blast city power supply
  121. CPS-1 Flash device
  122. General tablet advice needed please.
  123. Naomi MvC2 Unlocks
  124. Naomi to RGB Scart
  125. LM1881 Scart issue with PVM
  126. PC Engine Duo-R CD woes
  127. Killer Instinct 2 Not Booting.
  128. ST-V booting problem. FIXED. Damn SH-2
  129. Wired PS3 controller won't rumble on PC
  130. cps2 kick harness
  131. ssf2 tournament battle question
  132. Interesting Article on PowerPC (Wii/Gamecube) and Delayering PCBS for hacking...
  133. Dead Punisher Board
  134. Neo Geo Cabinet Generations
  135. King of Dragons - Reviving the CPS1 borad questions
  136. Sega Virtual Stick
  137. Trigger Controls for Arcade, Console, or PC.
  138. Looking for some help with PSX modchips...
  139. Mega Drive game issue: Osomatsu-Kun - Can't get to boot
  140. SNES Power Supply Alternatives or Fixes
  141. Guide to SNES SCART audio grounding quick-fix
  142. Flashing Carts?
  143. Donation: A Broken SCART Switcher from the UK
  144. "NO Delay USB Encoder PC to Joystick Arcade MAME"
  145. CPS3 Compatible CD Drives
  146. Genesis with dim RGB picture?
  147. Final Fight playing random sound, WW graphical lines, flipped A board, A board no video
  148. Do we have to change CPS-2 every 3-5 years?
  149. Strange case of graphic issues with samurai spirits MD
  150. S-video broken pin
  151. Controller / console modder info needed
  152. Console screw guide? (no really)
  153. NEO-SDR-T Pinout Anybody?
  154. Odd PS1 controller port behavior.
  155. PC Engine GT problems
  156. need help on a vs board from a naomi universal
  157. PS3 Homebrew and Bluray Drive issues
  158. FINAL FIGHT CPS1 jamma original boot problem ( color ram no good error? )
  159. AV Famicom help needed
  160. Did i do something wrong with game king 2019-in-1 multiboard?
  161. About to get a NEC console but confused...
  162. gameboy color a and b buttons not working
  163. CPS2 region differences?
  164. cthulhu multi-console pcb
  165. Removing MVS cart label safely
  166. Thoughts on Xbox 360 rechargable batteries or other options...
  167. Recommend good JP-21 Japanese SCART selector.
  168. Dreamcast Random Reset - did I find the "correct" fix on the net?
  169. PS1 Scart Sync Issue - LM1881 Related?
  170. Does anyone know how to disable the DC's rechargeable circuit?
  171. VS Duck Hunt repro problem.
  172. CPS2 "partially" suicided?
  173. Konami 3P 4P connector
  174. Help inserting 512 kb header on SNES ROM.
  175. 400-1 pandora 2 cant enter coin
  176. ST-V board missing right channel audio
  177. Jaguar CD Trouble
  178. Sega STV repair?
  179. The Punisher CPS dash
  180. Question Sega CD bios
  181. Turbo Duo very low left audio, even after cap replacement.
  182. Help with X-eye
  183. Jamma to MiniDin -- no signal??
  184. Ghouls n Ghosts starts at the 2nd level
  185. PSU Issue
  186. Game Elf 619-in-1 multicart video issue
  187. Sega cd wont spin
  188. Taito F3 help
  189. Street Fighter CPS1 graphics glitch
  190. SSFIIX problem
  191. Sega CDX dim RGB Issue
  192. Capcom CPS2 A Replacement Buttons
  193. ISO buying advice for the Radio SHACKENING
  194. Arcade can question capcom
  195. Loose AV connection on Master System
  196. Anyone good at fixing Laseractives?
  197. Battle Bakraid Owners
  198. Scanline issue on XRGB-mini Framemeister
  199. Best euro Scart cable to power LM1881
  200. 6 in 1 jamma switcher ----- HELP!
  201. Custom controller/pad with switches
  202. Sega Mask Roms identification
  203. Wiring recommendations?
  204. Viletim's NESRGB board
  205. N64 & Security Chips ?
  206. PS2 Laser Calibration
  207. SCART Hoods Male and Female
  208. XRGB Mini Settings for Legend Consoles
  209. Using Neo geo cd Japan adapter in usa..
  210. Possible Naomi I/O issues or settings?
  211. Capcom CPS1.5 Suicide question
  212. Netflix on PS3
  213. Armed Police Batrider PCB - no graphics / no sound
  214. Primal Rage Video Issue Mob Checksum
  215. Watchdog reset ?
  216. LOCA recommendations
  217. Chihiro - Updating Firmware? Bad Net PIC?
  218. Turbografx-16 Blue/White Screen
  219. Atomiswave recommendations?
  220. Damaged amiga accelerator
  221. Help me read Konami GFX roms
  222. Ideal Arcade Speakers
  223. Problem with GBS-8200 HD 9800 V5.0
  224. Mortal Kombat 2 pcb all kind of problems
  225. Tatsujin/Truxton won't boot
  226. Capacitor substitutions?
  227. installing a ultracade UVC scaler in a JVS namco cyberlead 2
  228. Double Dragon Video Sync Issue
  229. CPS1 battery change.
  230. Need help choosing a Component to VGA converter
  231. N64 RGB mod problem
  232. Modding a SNES
  233. Ninja Baseball Batman 4 Player Pinout*FOUND*
  234. Mrs. Pacman JAMMA versus Non JAMMA
  235. Storm Blade pcb .. too bright
  236. Sega Naomi GDROM Security Chip Missing.
  237. CPS2 XMEN error screen
  238. System 256 with T5:DR no input
  239. Anyone Familiar with the Konami 2 Player Beat-Em-Up Mods?
  240. Blast City - no picture, no sound, monitor and lights power up, burning smell
  241. Making clean cuts in plastic
  242. Power supply voltages
  243. Naomi to Jamma Question
  244. Street Fighter Zero 2 with bad graphics
  245. Problem reading/writing EPROM
  246. Basic Candy Cab Power Questions
  247. Lots of flickering and missing GFX - Vendetta & Magical Cat Adventure
  248. Anyone want N64 VGA?
  249. SNES Stereo to mono
  250. Chihiro display issues