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  1. Voltage requirements for Xbox/PS2 JAMMA adapter boards?
  2. Need help with palette errors on Aerofighters PCB POST
  3. Dump a Dead CPS2 board?
  4. Brook Universal Fight Board XP driver
  5. Extreme Hunting 2 Atomiswave - Installation Help Needed
  6. Anyone replace the caps in a 3-6 AES board.
  7. Jamma dreamcast box
  8. Suicide battery permanent fix with F-RAM?
  9. PGM Resistor Pack Replacements
  10. Bezzel
  11. HDMI audio questio
  12. How do you change poloarity on a PSU?
  13. N64 and Killer Instinct Gold weirdness
  14. Tim Worthington N64 RGB kit
  15. Puyo Puyo 2 patched to run on any Sega System C board
  16. Learning to solder better...resources?
  17. CPS3 Player 2 Button 4 Stuck On
  18. CPS1 background graphics problem
  19. Installing LS-32 in HRAP VX-SA
  20. looking for a Gamecube controller to ps3 converter
  21. PCMCIA Linear Flash Card Questions
  22. Sega Saturn HSS 1030
  23. Panasonic service disc 2 - Panasonic Q DVD region free
  24. Advice for burning PC-FX images?
  25. 55MHz Oscillator
  26. Need region free bios for JVC X'EYE
  27. No video through I/O on Naomi
  28. Dreamcast Broad Band Adapter and bios dumping
  29. Video noise/static through Composite and RGB on a consolized board
  30. CPS2 Conversion
  31. Best plastic scratch/ restorer ever.
  32. Important Capcom CPS2 Announcement
  33. [SOLVED] X'Eye Problem with Popful Mail
  34. PGM IGS extreme battery leakage
  35. Help with Super Neo 29 type2 CPO
  36. PS2 Slim Softmod with AR Max (Non-EVO)
  37. Sega CD Model 2 battery change
  38. missing part on cps2 Aboard
  39. Capcom 1943 repair log
  40. Xp computer connection issues with att
  41. What's this PSU for? 12vdc 800ma
  42. Gaelco World Rally repair log
  43. PC-Engine Help.
  44. Snes sound issue
  45. Overall computer issues...
  46. Anyone want to fix my Final Fight PCB for me? (I'll pay, obviously)
  47. Pandora's Box 4 not loading
  48. Capcom I/O give "Jamma I/O board not found"
  49. Sync Stripper issues (PVM 2950Q)
  50. A little help guys, 2.5 inch USB 3.0 enclosure
  51. The Main Event (Konami) repair log
  52. Karate Champ (tournament) - Data East 1986 - Repair log
  53. Need a Fuse for the TurboGrafx-16
  54. Sega boardmaster no sound
  55. PS Vita Won't power on?
  56. Exerion - Jaleco 1983 - Repair Log
  57. Dim RGB picture with Genesis on NAC cab...
  58. What Plug In Do I Need For Chat?
  59. Raiden II PCB Sync to NTSC TV
  60. GameGear Tails Adventure faulty cart
  61. Does anyone make a Din-8 to RGB Component cable?
  62. CPS2 replacement battery question
  63. Phoenixed CPS2 Board Red Screen
  64. Best wire gauge for console mods?
  65. Sony PVM 2530 powering off on it's own ..
  66. can i use a TL866CS programmer with 27c160/322?
  67. [Solved] Phoenix cps2 board blue sceen (well grey in my case)
  68. Dangun Feveron: garbled graphics
  69. Dreamcast VGA confusion
  70. Can I-PAC work in a candy cab?
  71. CPS3 Cart Recovery.
  72. Atomiswave nightmare: "Coin Error" ... Now what?
  73. Avenue 6 run button
  74. a question on backups
  75. dual mod T5 stick for Neo Geo
  76. How do you make the change from 1 player 3 buttons, to 2 player 6 buttons (per player)?
  77. Naomi Giga Wing 2 won't boot
  79. Step Up Converter Questions
  80. CPS2 Sound Issues
  81. Quick audio question
  82. Enclosure for Superguns w/external PSU like HAS or MAK
  83. Brezzasoft Crystal of Kings battery!!!
  84. Do Vita game carts use flash memory?
  85. Top3000 Software
  86. Issue with Famicom ED and Expansion Audio on a Sharp Twin
  87. Dangun Feveron/Fever SOS cap values
  88. A question about the Game King 2019 in 1.
  89. Your favorite do-it-yourself scratched CD/DVD fixes?
  90. Where would you hook a computer up to a monitor? (forgive my n00byness)
  91. Sega Game Gear does not turn on
  92. SNES Mini THS7314 RGB AMP Mod Issues
  93. Naomi region question
  94. Power supply solution for HAS/MAK/etc compact superguns
  95. Konami Sunset riders
  96. IGS PGM consolized
  97. Which connector is this?
  98. PS2 Slim Ribbon Cable Scratches Disc (edit: with pictures)
  99. Best options for a Saturn/DC/Naomi Everdrive solution?
  100. Super Turrican SNES
  101. Who made the "clicky" Japanese style buttons?
  102. Barrel Adapter help
  103. 3DO FZ-10 RGB Kit Install
  104. PCE Buzzing sound when used through IFU
  105. IGS PGM issue (resource error: memory mode use)
  106. PCE controller ext. cable problems : /
  107. Sega Blast City Contrroller Issue
  108. PCE Super CD ROM 2 PSU?
  109. Quick question about programming a Mayumi 4 with K150 programmer
  110. Super Famicom Low Audio
  111. GameCube component cables WTF?
  112. Metal Slug boot, which eproms are they?
  113. Backlight mod for Gameboy Pocket?
  114. Odd Naomi, DIMM and Compact Flash reader issues: ERROR 21!!
  115. Liquid Kids PCB issue - Taito TC0220IOC & Coin Error
  116. Yet another Naomi thread on a Neo forum
  117. Puzzled/Joy Joy Kid Block sprites are disappearing!
  118. Jamma passthough fingerboards?
  119. Street Fiighter Graphics Glitch
  120. CPS3 Volume POT Replacement
  121. Button map Lemony Vengeance's Saturn-to-DB15 adapter (FGWidget)
  122. Cps2 with graphics issue
  123. Naomi Power Supply Question
  124. Preventative Maintenance?
  125. CHAMMA? (pandora box jamma interface)
  126. 4-in-1 action replay plus & japanese saturn console
  127. MvC2 wont finish boot cycle.
  128. PS2 modding...
  129. CPS3 with graphic issue
  130. [PC] HALP - boot HDD not recognized anymore
  131. Looking for a GAL from a one-board boot SF2':CE (bounty)
  132. CPS2 and Jamma Extenders
  133. Street Fighter 4 Arcade Stick
  134. Brooks Universal Fighting Board PS4 Glitch - Can't use 2 controllers at once.
  135. Genesis headphone jack issues
  136. how to burn SOP44 chip with TOP3100 programmer?
  137. Connecting PS One and Gamecube to PVM
  138. Quick Genesis controller fix
  139. CPS2 Pause Switch/CPU Halt
  140. Help with RGB to NTSC Converter
  141. PSP bullshit
  142. Denjin Makai II (Guardians) Sync issues
  143. Galaga/pacman board issues looking to have it repaired?
  144. PS1/2 to X360 Controller Adapter
  145. Omega CMVS scart cable.
  146. GC Xeno chip install
  147. ideal camera lens to record electronic works
  148. Drowning in Fightsticks
  149. PAL GC with a JP21 cable
  150. 27c2001 in place of a 27c1001
  151. Megadrive mod?
  152. Non-working Truxton PCB
  153. This the right battery for cps2
  154. MVC Cps2 Severed Trace
  155. Igs pgm motherboard no red signal
  156. Supergrafx White Screen when trying to play certain games (bad card slot?)
  157. Dumb JAMMA question
  158. Nes games not filling the screen
  159. Ethernet Question
  160. Bloodstorm PCB controls sticking
  161. Dreamcast SD Mod: Is it hard and will it work if the laser is done?
  162. Genny/Megadrive question
  163. Sound issues with Pulstar MVS
  164. Kung Fury mod questions
  165. Shadow Force graphics problem
  166. PSP 2000 LCD screen spots !FUNGUS ALERT!
  167. Jamma missing pads. In need of magic
  168. PGM DDP Bee Storm II - cart error
  169. Dreamcast bios / MX29LV160T
  170. PC Engine Duo R - run button not working
  171. PC Engine Duo-R...who is doing repairs on these nowadays?
  172. ESPRaDe PCB Error
  173. Golden Axe region swap...
  174. Help me pick out a Modem/Router
  175. Framemeister + Sega Saturn: Annoying banding
  176. Kiiller Instinct resolution display
  177. Naomi set up issue **RESOLVED**
  178. Unibios or cmvs problem
  179. Wifi/Switch Question?
  180. Help with multi console Arcade Stick
  181. Mame site down...wtf?
  182. PGM2 Sound Issues - Fuzz/White Noise
  183. SCART Converters
  184. Any people in northern NJ skilled in replacing surface mounted chips?
  185. ST-V Astra Super Stars color issues
  186. CPS3 Dead Cart - Green blocky garbage
  187. Famicom Dragon Quest 3 Translation NOOB Question
  188. what supergun should I buy?
  189. PC-FX?
  190. Looking for a replacement power socket for the Super Famicom and AV Famicom
  191. PC Engine Duo CD Drive finally shit the bed
  192. Need help sourcing a part for a Titan Cab
  193. Custom JAMMA fingerboards
  194. Video Capture Neo Geo and others
  195. Robocop pcb graphics issue
  196. New arcade stick for marvel! HELP!
  197. Ssf2t reset middle play
  198. Help Identify Cables Needed On Supergun
  199. Sega New Astro City Lock sizes
  200. Multivariate for my blast city
  201. Source for larger farad/voltage caps?
  202. Sync level adjustement for PCB
  203. Bootleg C&D board not syncing to PVM
  204. Sega Saturn Cart and VCD Slots
  205. XBox360 - RROD after update
  206. Edited: Dots and Ascii Dix ... Move Along
  207. Sega Saturn Controller Test
  208. Solved (kinda) Shrinking .img files
  209. 1084s-d2 (NTSC-US) and JPN SuperFamicom RGB connection
  210. Jamma harness repair or replacement?
  211. Best place to replace cabinet glass?
  212. Freezing Atomiswave
  213. In-line JAMMA RGB Amplifier?
  214. Anyone do smd repair/replacement?
  215. Dreamcast arcade stick gate question
  216. Repair Starter kit???
  217. Toodles FGW
  218. Sega Naomi set up
  219. Lightgun and Windows 10 issue
  220. Alternative to YAC513
  221. MVS andro dunos CRC check shows all banks not used
  222. Capcom CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, Naomi arcade enhancements guide
  223. Windows 10 Install?
  224. nm
  225. super space fortress macross / horizontal lines
  226. Dimahoo (CPS2) dead, but battery is good?
  227. GQ-4x4: Can't read CPS2 EPROMs
  228. How can you test a if a CPS2 A board is on without a B board
  229. Neo Geo X Controller with PC
  230. Haunted Castle PCB that refuses to live
  231. Switching JAMMA Power Supply (interference)
  232. CPS2 and CP3 in JVS Cab
  233. Which of these platforms would you use for your DIY Supergun?
  234. Puzzling button issue with SNES-DB15 adapter and supergun
  235. Fixing a melted CD drive
  236. Is Console 5 the cheapest source for "deep" DB15 extension cables?
  237. Crisis Zone Pedal issue
  238. Street Fighter EX2 Plus JAMMA board sound issue
  239. Scart upscale with everdrive or retro freak questions?
  240. Here we go again with system 32.
  241. My soldering station heatgun is acting crazy
  242. Gaming audio - suggestions?
  243. CPS2 Multi board
  244. Double Dragon Cab Video Issue
  245. JVC X'eye Problem
  246. Konami PC-based question
  247. Super Famicom video problem
  248. Raspberry Pi Games projects
  249. 2 questions about own built supergun
  250. Hi Lads... Rot here... Need some help cc. PCE Super System 3.0 Cards....